Evaluation of the Play’n GO Game Gladiators

We’re no babes in the woods when it comes to donning the armor of a gladiator and facing off against our foes in the Roman arenas; however, while we’ve experienced our fair share of crushing defeats, with our bank accounts depleted faster than you can say “gladiator,” there have been a select few battles that have resulted in a resounding victory. Play’n GO, a Swedish supplier, has developed slots inspired by several eras and cultures, but never ancient Rome.

Game of Gladiators is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot machine that’s going to change that. It can be played from as low as 20 cents up to 100€ a spin across all supported devices, and it comes with a collection of random base game features called the Primus Mystery features, as well as a free spin feature in which your selected Champion scatter takes on gladiators to provide you with further spins or cash prizes.

In terms of player psychology, slot designers like bright colors and positive themes, which aren’t always what people think of when they consider this period of history. It seems like it would be difficult to keep a gladiator game respectable while yet drawing in gamblers. The hues in Game of Gladiators are definitely less bright than normal, but with a few of flaming flames, some blood, and a few motions, it all comes out just great. The visual design isn’t really innovative, but it serves its purpose well enough.

The reels of this slot machine, which is set in a stone tunnel of an amphitheater, are surrounded by the royal values A through J. The four gladiator characters—Scissor, Provocator, Murmillio, and Rectiarus—are more lucrative. The best combatant is Rectiarus, who will return 20 times your wager for a full house. The tiger wild is much more lucrative, paying out 25 times your wager for 5 of them on an active payline in addition to substituting for ordinary symbols.

Play’n GO’s Game of Gladiators Has These Cool Extras

There are five Primus Mystery features that can be helpful and can happen at any time throughout the main game. The goods are as follows:

Renown: One of the gladiator emblems is picked at random and a reward is given according to the Battle Prize paytable (which we’ll get into shortly).

Spear Attack adds between three and six tigers as wilds to the reels at random.

Sword Attack occurs when the initial reel is duplicated two, three, or four times with the same symbols on each copy. This can lead to all symbols appearing on all five reels.

With the Net Attack feature, the reels will hold all matching gladiator symbols while the reels respin.

If the Enraged feature is activated, two fully stacked tiger wilds will be added to the reels at random.

You want to see three Portcullis scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 on the same spin to activate the Enter the Arena Battle bonus. The next step is to select a champion, either Spartacus or Amazonia. The fighter that you’ve picked will replace the scatter for the duration of the Free Spins feature.

This is how the bonus round is played out. The Battle Meter is located above the reels, and the larger the total number of matching premium symbols, the greater the Battle award. If a scatter is struck, a group of gladiator symbols will be attacked and destroyed. Two scatters will now trigger an attack on two separate groups of gladiators, and your Battle reward will be multiplied by two. If you get three scatters, you’ll have three sets of gladiators assault with a threefold multiplier. If all groups are eliminated or the gathered gladiators fill the Battle Meter, the free spins will finish.

In addition, if one of the competitors wins, you’ll receive a different Victory Prize. Spartacus will offer you a retrigger if he is your chosen combatant. The financial payoff for having Amazonia perform your dirty job ranges from 20 times to 100 times your wager.

The Winner of Play’n GO’s “Game of Gladiators”

Don’t worry if you’re still confused after reading our review. Playing “Game of Gladiators” is far easier than explaining it in words. It’s vital to remember that this is a high-variance slot (9/10), so playing aggressively might result in some terrible wounds.

There are several fun additions to the primary game, but the rewards aren’t very good. Instead, you should focus on the Enter the Arena Battle free spin feature, which offers the potential for up to 5,000 times your initial wager if you’re lucky. However, it’s difficult to see it happening in the game. Even though the free spins bonus appears to activate regularly, it rarely results in anything more than a few measly coins. To even get close to the advertised maximum win, you would need to accrue a ludicrous number of small to medium big wins. Given how low most payouts are, you should consider yourself lucky if you win even 500 times your initial wager. It’s mild-mannered for a slot machine with a gladiator theme.






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